Osbaldo Aguilera

We are more than a brand; we are a movement. Founded by a visionary male entrepreneur, we proudly stand as a Latino-owned cosmetic business that champions the beauty of diversity and the power of inclusivity.

perrona purpose

Our purpose is deeply rooted in our commitment to not just provide luxury products at competitive prices, but to empower the soul. 
We believe that true beauty is about feeling confident, strong, independent, and empowered. To us, 'Perrona' is not just a feeling; it's an identity for anyone who resonates with strength, independence, and empowerment. 

perrona pledge

We understand the transformative power of makeup and its role in expressing one's true self. That's why we dedicate ourselves to creating products that cater to all, celebrating every identity and expression. Our supporters are our familia, and their satisfaction and happiness are what drive us forward. 
We promise to listen, to innovate, and to continuously strive to exceed expectations, because at Perrona Beauty, we do whatever it takes to support our community in feeling as 'Perrona' as they truly are.